Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika

  You'll probably get glitter in your soul listening to these on-location interviews and sparkly pieces of the 50th Anniversary of the Cockettes from the Thrillpeddlers, Sluts-A-Go-Go, The Cockettes documentary, a threesome of sexy gender-queer Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; Sister Dana Van Iquity, Sister Roma, and Sister Freida Desire, oh my!

Plus, Original Cockettes composer Scrumby Koldewyn & Michael from Pearls Over Shanghai, Tahara from the Angels of Light (a non-commercial spin-off of the Cockettes), California Senator Scott Weiner, comedian Paul Brumbaugh, the rainbow-riffically eclectic Verasphere, a stunningly sexy impression of Mick Jagger from a Thrillpeddler in mind-bendingly tight hot pink shiny pants, and various incendiary, luminous psychedelic Drag pleasurevolutionaries and sexual freedom fighters from 1969's Summer of Love in San Francisco and commune protest movement recorded for posterity in the Victoria Theatre in the SF of today at 16th and Mission by yours truly January 4th, 2020.

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The Cockettes 50th Anniversary Show! We celebrate 50 glittery, gender-bending years of The Cockettes,  an avant-garde theatre & dance troupe from San Francisco's psychedelic Summer of Love. The Cockettes introduced their mind-bendingly joy to so many iconic names that shaped pop culture; Filmaker John Waters, Actress Divine, The Rocky Horrow Picture Show, Heklina, & the spin-off theatre group, The Thrill-Peddlers. Let’s explore the scene, the inspiration, the shadow, and take a deep dive into a part of the glamtastic history of San Franfreakshow with “Goldie” star Birdie Bob Watt and Dan Karkoska aka DJ Dank producer of Cockettes Are Golden: A 50th Anniversary Celebration with Comedian Paul Brumbaugh.

Birdie Bob Watt graces the Mutiny FM theatre with “Cruising” a Cockettes original song! We’ll also hear “Hot Greeks,” “69 is Fine,” “No Nose Nanook”from Pearls Over Shanghai , “ Blood on Your Face” from Vice Palace, “Endless Masturbation Blues” & “Oriental Nights.” Tinsel Tarts in A Hot Coma is another Cockettes show previously on Sexploration with Monika. 

Comedian Patrick Carlin, George Carlin’s little brother, joins us peppering the conversation on his salty left-coast perspective on how to incite a chow hall riot, the value of a good cry, & the importance of finding your very own misfits.

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