Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika

Sexploration With Monika invites San Francisco Mime Troupe's Marie Cartier to Edge Studios in downtown San Francisco. Token Straight Guy Paul Brumbaugh joins in on the fun. Recorded Live 7-21-2023

These mimes will not stay silent in Dolores Park and lots of Bay area Parks, even as far away as Cotati! San Francisco native Marie Cartier is also a social worker and brings her unique voice to social justice issues like homelessness and depression that we all have faced, especially during the pandemic. She tells her story about writing Hobos in Space, a radio play produced online when we couldn't go outside. You can see Marie and many of her castmates as the summer goes by in Berkeley, Glen Park, and in lots of other areas, and on Labor Day, they will be back at Dolores Park!

Mimes speak for social justice in San Francisco's Dolores Park and many other Bay Area parks, and you can find out more with Sexploration with Monika's interview with Marie Cartier!


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