Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
Kinky Salon: of boobies and cupcakes (part 2)

Kinky Salon is San Francisco's most colorful sex-party. Are boobies and mini-cupcakes a recipe for fun or is that just the sugar talking? Sexploration with Monika host Monika Thomas continues her journey into Kinky Salon, a sex party in San Francisco--and there's lots of frosting. Monika infiltrates the secret backroom bedroom of Kinky Salon founders Professor Violet and Polly Glamourous, where people - get this - people are ACTUALLY sleeping. It is shocking. We discuss how playing Dungeons & Dragons leads to throwing sex parties for a living, boobies (again), and "the Beauty Engine" a pet social engineering project. Polly and I talk about the importance of creating an environment where people feel safe to experiment. Professor Violet even channels "Monsieur LeFrite," a deranged French Fry who defenestrates swingers who linger too long in "the pink room" (yes, it *is* decorated to be reminiscent of the interior of a vagina), but that's not until well, well after midnight.

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Kinky Salon: the Sweetheart's Ball (part 1)

Join Sexploration with Monika at San Francisco's friendliest and most faaabulous sex party. Join us on the dancefloor and in the jungle room for a frank and honest discussion of feminism, boobies, female ejaculation, group sex, freedom of expression, gay-pride paintball warfare, sex-positivity, dirty poetry, gender identity, running away to the sex-club that is family and circus, and...

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