Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
Supperclub Bondage Dinner (August part 1)

These interviews were recorded live  at the Supperclub Bondage dinner, an evening of exquisite dining, cutting-edge art performance, and use-all-5-senses sensationalism. Dynamic suspension rope bondage with Tom Foolery & Jessi K, slam poet Jamie DeWolf, Mission Control sex-party organizer Bix Warden, Miss Tickle, and S/m writer Rick Umbaugh. 

 Can you picture a six-foot tall man wearing only  head-to toe full-body black latex trying desperately to neatly sip his soup with a funnel gag? This is called predicament play! Would you be shocked the performance or scene where a woman in a sparkle blue ballgown leads her bound bimp around by a septum-pearcing and invites the audience to play "mary had a little lam with electruc shocks to his testicles?" He bellowed lice a bull, vut dous he live it?  Introducing Dominatrix  or Domina Alice (of and Gumby, the gimp she 'made from scratch!' After the scene, I have meaningful and intense interviews with both Alice and Gumby to investigate what they get out of their sexual power exchange, and the connection between submission and unbridled sexuality. If Gumby doesn't like pain. why does he consent to his?

Photos of the bondage dinner: August Dinner or  Best of Bondage Dinner  

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