Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
 supperclub Bondage Dinner (Part 1)

The importance of letting your fabulous freak flag fly is the tasty moral morsel served in this Supperclub Bondage Dinner. Monika interviews Therapist Excelsus Remington about opening up a relationship to freaky (fun) stuff like kink or polyamory while deftly avoiding the big snarling hornet’s nest of pain of jealousy and miscommunication. Hear the sweet song of Alotta Boute as she performs live and note regular Rusky’s scientific explanation of, in spanking, the differences between “stingy” and “thuddy.” Donia and Tessa, give the scoop on why they turned down Howard Stern to talk about their educational and holistic business advocacy work for erotic service professionals. Sex isn't just about mere procreation anymore -  sex is healthy and fun recreation. For bondage enthusiasts wanting to reconnect with your memories of the first time, listen to a supperclub intern describe her first ever bondage experience and creating a safe space in which to explore. The Bondage Dinner is a monthly evening of exquisite dining, cutting-edge art performance, and use-all-5-senses sensationalism at Supperclub San Francisco. Photos of the bondage dinner: February Dinner or  Best of Bondage Dinner 

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supperclub Bondage Dinner (Part 2)

Image & identity, expression & art: part II of the broadcast from the Supperclub Bondage Dinner delves into the experience of performer and activist, Lady Monster, “Queen of the Fire Tassels.” She reveals the importance of a positive self-image no matter what your body-type, age, or gender identity. Learn the secrets behind the provocative "Naked Girls Reading" in SF & "Positively Lovely Workshop" teaching you how to love yourself *all over*. Monika & Lady Monster chat about the juicy rope suspension scene dangling in front of them & the unexpected joys of being upside-down! For the daring and delicious, Monika interviews Daan, Executive Chef, about serving exquisite delicacies in "dirty" shocking ways (you're going to eat off of what?!) Origionally from Amsterdam, Daan describes supperclub's unique 4-course dining and entertainment experience reflecting identity of the artists creating it. The supperclub Bondage Dinner is a glittering evening of dining, cutting-edge art performance, and all-5-senses sensationalism at Supperclub San Francisco. Photos of the bondage dinner: February Dinner or  Best of Bondage Dinner.

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Orgasmic Birth: "Labor" can be pleasurable?

You have probably heard for your whole life that childbirth and labor are the most painful thing ever. The suffering that your mother probably went through to bring you into this world! What if childbirth could actually be, not only a pleasant experience, but literally orgasmic? Filmmaker and Lamaze-certified midwife Debra Pascali-Bonaro will tell us how women can increase their chances of having an actual orgasm during birthing, what for so long has been called "labor." Not only are the brain chemicals, like oxytocin, released during sex present during childbirth, but the sorts of things that make for a "romantic experience" soft lighting, a hot tub, pleasant smells, a glass of wine, making out with your partner, focusing on the sensations of the body - are all things things could lead to not only a more pleasant labor experience, but maybe even an actual orgasm!! According to mother Amber Hartnell, her orgasm during labor really didn't feel any different than the kind of orgasm you could have during intercourse. 

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Masturbate-A-Thon w/ Nina Hartley benefits Center for Sex & Culture

On-Location broadcast from the Masturbate-A-Thon 2008, a charity event where men and women masturbate in public and in private to raise money for the Center For Sex and Culture, a non-profit adult sexuality education center in San Francisco. Besides trying to beat(off) the world record of 9 hours and 33 minutes, there are a number of competitions, including number of orgasms in a given time and "distance." We discuss self-pleasuring,  threesomes, multiple-partner relationships, BDSM, gender-bending, sex-education, and vagina-in-a-can with porn star & sex-educator Nina Hartley, Sexologist Dr.Carol Queen and her partner Robert, founders of the Center for Sex and Culture. Also post-segment quippery with Lilycat of FCC Free Radio, who stage-manages the event. Plus the delightful masturbation sing-along with the Wet Spots. You can join the next Masturbate-a-Thon (privately or publicly) in May or just support sex-positive culture at the Center For Sex and Culture.

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Anti-Rape Condom: radio short

This clever (but horrible & gruesome) method for ending sexual assault was too much for my broadcast station (even at 5am on a Saturday morning) but as a woman who is passionate about this issue, I wasn't able to sleep until I thought of a way to talk about it without talking about it. On-air, I called the Anti-Rape Condom (brand-name Rapex) a "sexual-assault prophylactic." I wouldn't say what it did on the radio, but I'd tell listeners about it over the phone, and then play back their reactions on-air. Generated more calls than I usually got at 5am, that's for sure.

In addition to my work in radio, I'm also a certified sexual health educator and I teach "Healthy Relationship" classes about rape and domestic violence prevention at City College of San Francisco, and local high schools.

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Female Ejaculation: Grrls can have squirting orgasms too?

You've heard of the G-Spot, which some scientists have disputed even exists(!), but Tallulah Sulis has found hers and she want to help you find yours. If the G-Spot orgasm, or "Female Ejaculation", isn't a "circus trick" or pee... what is it? How come most women don't know anything about female ejaculation? Tallulah Sulis is Sexploration with Monika's "squirtxpert" - expert in all things to do with female ejaculation. Ms. Sulis is a Certified Somatic Sexologist and director and producer of the film "Divine Nectar: A Guide to Female Ejaculation." We discuss how she figured out she could do this, what to do if your partner freaks out, and how to awaken sensation in your G-Spot. We also learned what organ produces ejaculate, and it's chemical composition - and how you can be *sure* that it's not pee. Would you like to know how to help your girlfriend or wife ejaculate? Tallulah and I discuss everything from how to bring up the conversation to creating a "safe container." Tallulah is all about getting in touch with the sensations of pleasure and expressing your wild female sexuality! She now is conducting "Squirtshops" in the SF Bay Area, teaching women how to ejaculate.   

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Sex Robots: sex + technology = ?

You can join me at the Arse Elektronika Porn & Technology conference where they had a sex robot that looked like Johnny 5. One arm of the sex robot is a "tongue saw," with 12 moulded rubber tongues that flap around in a circle, back through a bucket of lube, with variable speeds. One women who tried it said that it feels "mechanical". Mmmmmmechanical? Are sex robots the future of sex? We talk with Binx, a fabulous young lady who gave the sex robot for a spin (on a whim), ejaculated, and had this spectacular explosively pleasurable experience (behind a sheet). We also talk to Jake and Ian who work for the company that owned the sex robot. We talk about all the strange machines that have been invented or modified for sexual pleasure (egg beaters, power tools, electrical zappers) and what it means to have sex with a robot. Is having sex with a robot cheating on your boyfriend? What if he gets jealous? Does having sex with a robot "ruin" sex with a normal person? What does female ejaculation feel like? Can you be a feminist and have sex with a robot (in front of a roomful of people)? Is there feminist pornography? What happens if you are having long-distance computer-assisted sex with a robot, and someone hacks into your connection so now you are having sex with a robot that is no longer controlled by your boyfriend? Consent in the context of computer security and tele-dildonics? What if someone wants to marry their robot someday?

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Masculinism: what men get out of gender role liberation

Have you ever wondered how to leave a woman wanting more? Have you ever wondered what it's like to have a penis? Monika has, and gets the lowdown on having penis and how to use it from Erotic Rockstar Destin Gerek. Destin is a Certified Somatic Sexologist and Orgasmic Mastery educator who teaches men how to have multiple orgasms. That wasn't a typo. He teaches a course on multiple orgasms for MEN! We delve into radical masculinity, liberation from gender roles, how to 'nail' hot feminist chicks, sexual self actualization, and how to change the culture of rape. The Erotic Rockstar divulges his philosophy on how to find and become your ideal sexual self, be present in your body and your sexual explorations, and get more out of your erotic encounters than a “quick and silent” orgasm. Have you ever wondered how to leave a woman wanting more? Mmmore. Find out why being a “pick up artist” leads to attracting insecure women and exacerbating "the battle of the sexes." Instead, learn the secret of how to "entice her desire." Yum.

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The BDSM Tea Party

In the BDSM Tea party, Monika has a cup of tea with a professional dominatrix, a male slave, a male dominant, and his female partner, a submissive and switch. Monika wants to know what it's like to beat men for a living, what's good about being flogged, and why on earth you'd seek a relationship where you would be exploited and hurt. How do you stay safe in a relationship that includes on-purpose pain and domination? The BDSM Tea party covers a range of topics in BDSM: Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism including negotiation and consent. Then, Monika teaches them a trick... mmmmm, what can be done with cup of tea. Adult themes, civilized discussion, a cup of tea, The BDSM Tea Party, the pilot episode of Sexploration with Monika recorded in 2007. Sexploration with Monika is a forum for the open intellectual exploration of sexual ideas. Host Monika Thomas is a certified sexual health educator who also has taught classes about healthy relationships and rape & domestic violence prevention. Monika believes healthy consensual sexuality improves quality of life, and communication improves sexuality. Only you can define what "healthy sexuality" is for yourself, but authenticity and being present in the moment are recurring themes.

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