Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
SaferSexC, an "open" relationship, and restraint as art

Do you know how to kill the Hepatitis C virus? Hepatitus C is a virus that damages the liver and it is spread by many kinds of kinky play, rough sex, sharing razors or nail clippers. Most people who have Hep C don't know they are infected because they don't have symptoms, and HCV tests are not routine. You have to ask your doctor to get tested. Learn how to play safely and avoid getting Hep C from Leather Daddy Boy & HepC/HIV outreach activist Jorge Vieto, of the Stop AIDS Project. We talk about public health & HIV Hepatitis Outreach and why it's so important that everyone get tested and get educated so you can reduce your risk. Jorge does testing in tattoo shops in the Castro, and he tells us why he likes piercing as a kind of erotic sensation play. We also talk about how much tougher the Hep C virus is to kill than the HIV virus (bleach doesn't always work - but we talk about what does kill Hep C). Jorge will tell us a really shocking way people can get exposed to Hep C without even realizing it! Then we will talk about how to open your marriage in a safe way with Andrew Sullivan. "Open Invitation: A Real Swinger's Party" is an adult film that is an invitation to the viewer to fulfill their fantasies! Plus, kink star Maxine Holloway of the Femina Potens art gallery will tell us about the "Art of Restraint." You can also check out for more information on preventing the spread of Hepatitis C in the Kink Community.

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supperclub Bondage Dinner (March part 1)

The supperclub Bondage dinner is an evening of fine dining, performance art, and saucy, playful sensuality. Artful, sexy aerialists, opera divas, live bondage riggers, and gender-bending burlesque dancers plus Supperclub's fabulous 4-course gourmet dinner. Suspension bondage artists include Tom Foolery and Jessi K. Fire play with Eva Lucien and you willl ~never~ believe where Narcissister is hiding her outfit. We interview the founders of (a wiki-social networking website for porn stars) and pirates, wenches, and booty-licious bondage take over the supperclub. Hostess Miss Vee declares that “slut is the new black,” professional dominatrix and kink educator Eve Minax ponders how spirituality and BDSM are interconnected, why she adores smart-ass masochists and bratty bottoms, and the difference between control and “containment” by the discerning top.  While describing powerful performances by Eva Lucien and Narcissister, Monika delves into the entrepreneurial minds of Cathy Claudio and James Johnston, creators of, a website where adult models can monetize and express their own genuine, unscripted sexualities and directly reach fans.  Finally, oil painter and erotic photographer Nancy Peach lovingly describes a series she created that was too risqué even for the walls of San Francisco kink-friendly coffee shop, Wicked Grounds!

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supperclub Bondage Dinner (March part 2)

This second installment from the pirate themed Supperclub Bondage Dinner, bondage rigger and service top, Tom Foolery fills us in on the suspension of Jessi K completed earlier in the evening for amazed dinner guests... just how high WAS his highest suspension?  Monika traces the evolution of guest Chris Kiss and Club Kiss, the swingers party at Mission Control in San Francisco.  He laughs about the overlapping of his work and personal life, reveals how having an open relationship can actually improve how couples relate with each other. How is working in the sex-positive community both rewarding and humbling?  Monika then gives us the inside scoop on an earlier bondage suspension scene by picking the blissed-out brain of Rusky, a bottom who tells us why she loves being upside-down and having her back arched, and her top and rigger for the evening, Topologist, who declares why humility is important for a top, describes his use of a “Swiss seat” in his art, and why his scene was even better than supperclub's Guinness flavored ice cream with almond honey brittle!

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Sex Geek Potluck: 15 sexperts, a sex toy demo, and the ensuing hilarity

15 sex-intellectuals: porn star/physicist team makes scientific orgasm-measuring tech, tantric healears, dominatrix, lesbian-werewolf socially-concious erotica writer, male-submission activist, sex-worker activist - more sex-educators than at which you could shake a stick* (actually you could shake a stick at them, you just have to get consent* first), plus wine, sexintellectual interviews, & a spontaneous double demo of a safer-dual penetration pleasuring device from Japan. Featuring sex educator Reid Mihalko,  socially-conscious erotica writer Allison Moon, Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health founder Megan Andelloux, The Sexademic Jessi Fischer, Kink On Tap's MayMay, PSIgasm creators Maggie Mayhem and Ned, internet documentary SSexBBox filmmaker Priscilla Bertucci, Julianne Carroll filmmaker of "Sex Workers Your Voice Counts" dominatrix & sex-educator Eve Minax, Daka Spa Clinic's Tahil Gesyuk,  from Tahil's Daka Training Roland creator of the "My Big Phat Queer-Friendly Puja," and sex-worker rights activist Tessa. Reid and Ned demo the Tenga Docking Station with SF's Sluttiest Blogger Fleur DeLis. We also talk merkins, sex-positivity across cultures, how BDSM (bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism, masochism) & tanta & sacred sexuality are kinda the same thing, splunging...

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