Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
supperclub bondage dinner

The supperclub bondage dinner is an evening of fine dining, performance art, and saucy, kinky sensuality. Artful, sexy aerialists, opera divas, live bondage riggers, and gender-bending burlesque dancers plus supperclub’s fabulous 4-course gourmet dinner.
Listen as Eve Minax will demonstrate a complete 3-level sensory-deprivation encasing a submissive woman in a full-body neoprene suit and gas mask and putting her in a latex bondage ball. Suspension bondage artist Rain DeGrey will have her way with the cutest pirate evarrrrr, pornstar Chloe Camilla. Liliane Hunt will mummify her boy, and sup her soup atop his chest. We’ll talk to Liliane’s boy about why he likes being a human table. It’s amazing the level of focus that it takes! Lilliane Hunt will tell us how to train HUMAN ponies and puppies – she even does it in public!
We’ll also meet professional dominatrix Mercy Wood, who specializes in religious play, and discuss the intersections of religion, sexuality, and BDSM. How can religion, which has been used to oppress people’s sexuality for so long, be such a turn-on for others? Can BDSM open your mind by challenging belief systems and even your perception of pain and pleasure?

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