Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
Interview with a (man who wants to be a real) Fox!

You probably know someone who dresses up as a kitty for Halloween, or maybe you've worn ears and a tail once or twice... can you imagine wanting to be an animal for real? Meet Smash, dressed head-to-toe in a red latex fox suit at the supperclub bondage dinner (photo by Robert Tur). Smash even has rubber paws, and yips when you say hello. All he wants in the world is to be a collared pet, and Mistress Elisa, is glad to feed him in a dog bowl, hold his leash, and wait-till-you-hear more. Wanting to really be an animal is called “species dysphoria,” and far from being the only one, Smash has a pack of furry friends. These human animals even have a special event, a hunt. Imagine giving up human language and thought, all you have to worry about is eating, sleeping... and sex. Would you want to be (or have) a "living sex toy," as Elisa calls Smash? Apparently, as she says, foxes are “notoriously slutty.” Let's explore the inner life of Smash, a human fox, and his loving partner, Mistress Elisa. Themes include an animal environmentalism or ecosexuality, animal head space as a way to access the mental space of meditation (utter presence in the moment), and being wildly shame-free. Elisa and her  fox discuss why their play is definitely not bestiality, the different mental “fursonas” Smash indulges in, and the unique perspective one develops on the noisy human world through the eyes, ears, and soul of an animal.

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Add sizzle back into your relationship, and then really turn it up!

You're in a relationship: at first you are having MIND-BLOWING SEX all the time, but after a while you're having "efficient sex" & then eventually, maybe no sex at all! Why does that always happen in long-term relationships? :( Do you want have long-lasting love plus all the sizzling sex? Tim & Susan Bratton have been there, together for almost 20 years... after about 5 years they were like friends – co-habitating, raising their daughter – but they’d lost the sexual intimacy. He wanted to leave her because he was essentially in a sexless marriage. She wanted him to leave him because he was checked out of the relationship. Tim and Susan knew they couldn’t do any better than each other as far as spouses. All they could do was divorce and trade each other in for a “fresh model.” But they wanted their cake (love) and getting it all over their faces too so they worked really hard to figure out how  to get their sexy back... with sizzle to spare! Since this was such a common issue for couples, Susan created "Revive Her Drive" to share her secrets with husbands everywhere. Special "carried away" bonus for smartphone listeners from “Hot sex: Over 200 things you can try tonight.” Then, "Dr" Diego of Love Toy Rentals rev's it up past 11 with pleasure technology that women are saying is a bigger thrill than the hitachi magic wand. Professional dominatrix and sex educator Eve Minax said that her orgasm was so strong that not only did her little dog start howling with her but her head nearly exploded, no really. With Token Straight Guy comedian Paul Brumbaugh from FCC Free Radio's "The Edge of Insanity!" What does the sybian really feel like? Inquiring minds...

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Sex at Dawn: were prehistoric humans "sluts?"

Do you think that monogamy is "natural" for humans or did we evolve to be "slutty?" In this Sexploration with Monika special episode, Christpher Ryan, author of Sex at Dawn: The Prehistoric Origins of Modern Sexuality, explains evidence from anthropology, anatomy, & primatology indicating that our ancestors were promiscuous, and not only shared sex partners but lived in egalitarian groups that shared food, child care, and probably didn't really care which baby was whose. Ryan and Jethá confront why long-term fidelity can be so difficult for so many, why homosexuality persists in the face of standard evolutionary logic; and what the human body reveals about the prehistoric origins of modern sexuality. Ryan and Jethá expose the ancient roots of human sexuality while pointing toward a more optimistic future illuminated by our innate capacities for love, cooperation, and generosity. Plus, in this interview recorded at San Francisco's Center for Sex and Culture, Ryan explains why external testicles are like having an extra fridge in the garage just for beer, because you are ready for a party to break out at *any* time. Sexploration with Monika is now on iTunes, and you can download free podcasts anytime at 

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 Masquerotica live and on-location from SF's 1st annual

You can come on a roving exploration of the big sexy epic Masquerotica, chatting with Annie Sprinkle, porn star parodist Tom Orr, Margo St James founder of COYOTE and the St James Infirmary, burlesque dancer and body-image activist Lady Monster, SF's sluttiest blogger Fleur De Lis, the Asian Diva Girls, democracy activists Tony's Circus, and more zombie strippers than at which you can shake bloody doll parts. I couldn't really chat with the zombie strippers, they just groan and moan but at least they love me for my brains. Masquerotica, October 22nd, was the 1st annual Halloween celebration from the creators of the Sea of Dreams NYE party, Opulent Temple and FreshSF. Nine stages and exotic playgrounds of indulgence and really smart eye candy like the spectacular Kinky Salon XXX Funhouse with not only zombie strippers but also vampires, jungle savages, and the Grope-a-Clown booth. Plus an excellent point about tax dollars and sex work made by a villanous goose-duck. The Hooker's Ball Brothello MC'd by Annie Sprinkle, Carol Queen of Center for Sex & Culture, Margo St James and yours truly. (Thanks to Herman Privette for this photo of Carol & Annie!) More photos here.

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