Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
Removing the barriers to sexy: queer tantra and the natural birth control app

Tantra emphasises the sacred side of sexuality, but many tantra classes focus on the heterosexual couple, privileging feminine and masculine energy. Does human sexual energy really work within only the male/female binary? Evalena Rose teaches gay and all-women tantra, and believes we’re limiting ourselves by having to choose gay or straight. Evalena also tells us how critical it is for your relationship that you actually vocalize what you really want. Plus, are you sick of condoms and the pill? Does hormonal birth control make you feel crazy and out of whack? Check out Kindara, it is almost like the rhythm method 2.0 with an iPhone app and wireless thermometer. Except that during the course of the interview, creators Kati Bicknell and Will Sacks tell us why the rhythm method is practically doomed to failure, and Kindara's sympto-thermal method is 99.4% effective. Natural birth control in your pocket and your phone takes care of the math and complicated calendar? You can pinpoint and become more conscious of your fertility rather than trying to disrupt it, and get about 20 days a month of I'm-not-going-to-get-pregnant sex. Our Token Straight Guy this week is the hilariously irreverent Cory Sklar of Illogical Contraption, the Heavy Metal Coast to Coast on Whip-Its. How tantra removes the barriers to intimacy and the app that could help you safely use fewer condoms (and that doesn't mean because you are having less sex).

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Open the friendliest heart-shaped box of sex party in San Francisco!

Don’t you want to open the heart-shaped box of joyful ridiculousness that is San Francisco’s most friendly, vividly colorful (and yet somehow highly approachable) sex party? Founder Barron Scott Levkoff aka Professor Dandy will join us with the ins and out of throwing 10 years of Kinky Salon and the Sweetheart’s Ball this Saturday, February the 18th, 2012. Plus, I was surprised by a NEW sex acronym, CNFM! We’ll get comedian and Token Straight Guy Danny Dechi (of FCC Free Radio’s Radio Ha Ha Thursdays 4-6p in Studio 2B) to explain what CFNM is, and why he likes it. Plus, we’ll talk about Whore! magazine’s Love Court at the Casanova Lounge (Valencia and 16th) on Valentine’s Day, and directly after at 10pm supperclub’s My Saxy Valentine 70′s Soul party frolicking on the dance floor and supperclub’s infamous beds. Plus, we’ll check in with Dr. Bobby Love about the new Syncrohearts Love Game app for your iPhone or iPad available on iTunes for only 99 cents. We also take the most disturbing listener call of my whole radio career. I now actually think it’s for real, but do you think it's a joke?. We can only hope. Actually Professor Dandy's philosophy of getting your gentleman pervert on and rigorously pursuing social sexellence is a LOT less creepy - Self-proclaimed perverts less creepy than radio show callers? Only on Sexploration with Monika.    

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Sexuality, GOD, and Being Queer: Waving Your Freak Flag @ the Divine

When religion tells you that the way you want to have sex is a sin, how does that affect your relationship with God and spirituality? What was your experience as a teenager, as change and desire surged through your body and you got messages that sex was only ok in the context of marriage? What if you can't get married because your desire falls outside of what the church thinks should be sanctified? For queer people whose sexualities are “controversial” and stigmatized in most churches, having your desire in direct contradiction to the messages of who you are supposed to be can really alienate you from God. There are many sexual expressions and identities that are pathologized by many religions. How could God be all-knowing, all-powerful, and good if what joy you feel in your body is evil? The God Project and Reviving Spirits are a project of Outlook Theater in San Francisco. The performance was taken directly from surveys about what people believe about God, gender, sexuality, pluralism, and atheism. You can take “the God Project” survey now. They want 1000 responses from all over the world, so please feel free to share the link. The goal of Outlook Theater is to bring the survey to life in various LGBTQ centers and places of worship using theater and dialogue to build bridges between the diverse LGBTQIA communities. Co-directors Anthony Julius Williams and Jason Wyman will discuss how spirituality and sexuality are connected, and how post-modern queer performance art is connected to damage around spirituality. Plus we’ll learn what personally drew Jason Wyman and Anthony Julius Williams to Reviving Spirits. What is the relationship to GOD for the queer, kinky, freaky, turned-on, and/or LGBTQIA community? What is GOD’s relationship to us?

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Anal to academia - it doesn't have to hurt: misinformation in sex-ed.

Do you think anal sex is scary? Have you heard the prostate is the G-spot for men? Meet Good Vibrations’ sex educator Dr. Charlie Glickman and Aislinn Emirzian who are teaching a workshop on prostate play. We’ll be talking about fighting misinformation and sexual empowerment with Jessi Fischer, the sexademic. She’s Adjunct Professor at SFSU teaching their class on LGBTQ issues and society, and was recently invited to Cambridge University to speak in favor of pornography saying that the misogyny that overwhelms porn images is endemic in the greater culture (albeit perhaps more subtly than in porn), and porn can look like anything (depending on who makes it), not all of it is bad, plus it is a necessary catalyst for desire, experimentation, and debate about sexuality in our sexually repressed culture. While Fischer’s side won both debates on pornography, she discovered that speaking out in favor of porn excluded her from her true passion, teaching sex-neutral medically-accurate age-appropriate sex information for young people. Apparently even saying that porn could be a good thing when created ethically and used consciously by adults banned her from youth sex education. Now her work focuses on what she calls the real issues impacting sexuality: restrictive ideologies, sexism, anxiety, shame and willful misinformation. Also, San Francisco Sex Information’s fundraiser, "Burnlesque" at Public Works on Erie and Mission, with sexy performances by Mickey Finn and Dante DeMoan of the Rebel Kings, and The Electrodolls. We’ll find out if Professor Fischer will be manning the sex information booth. Our Token Straight Guy is The Rock & Roll Nurse from FCC Free Radio’s Backspins.

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Fight Sex-Negativity: SF Alt Porn and Amsterdam Academia

How can we help make sexuality more open and free? How do public platforms and sex-positive community work to normalize sexual freedom? Does porn have a role in creating sexual freedom? Ruchamah Van der Horn has come all the way from the University of Amsterdam to discuss the use of public platforms to counter social and cultural stigma of sex, with the sex-positive community and producers of alternative porn here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The United States may be ridiculed for it's closed mindedness and sex-negativity (sheah, as if abstinence-only works) but actually that works in favor of creating fertile and outspoken sex-worker activism and advocacy. And does empowerment go with less creepy porn and more sexy porn? Can they be the same thing? Yes and no, and as long as it makes you happy (and is consensual) as our cheerful porn stars point out. Alice in Bondageland’s Go Ask Alice talks about how the SF Alternative porn scene is about authenticity with queer porn star Arabelle Raphael who says porn can teach you who you really are. Yes, that's Arabelle Raphael of such adult XXX film hits as "Occupy My Ass" and "Asphyxia Heels the World" We're not joking, but you can laugh especially with Token Straight Guy comedian Malcolm Grissom!! See? Sexuality IS a social justice issue that can "heel" the world, that's what we can learn from alternative porn... and it's consensual.

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