Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
What erotic dancers get out of their work (besides money)
Are you sex-positive? Do you believe that sex can have a positive impact on our lives? Do you believe that pleasure is important, even or especially when it challenges traditional ideas about what and who we are "supposed to be?" Many people judge sexually open people, especially women, for being generous with their sexual energy - whether it's how they dress or how they walk! Technically erotic dancing isn't actually sex (and that big bouncer is there to keep it that way), but in this episode of Sexploration with Monika we explore the visually-stimulating world of erotic dancing. We're on-location at the grand opening of the Penthouse Club and Steakhouse in San Francisco's North Beach. Do you want to know what these sexy performers get out of thier work (besides money)? What are the benefits of erotic dancing both for the dancer and the customer? Performers say it can be energizing, confidence-building, even healing, besides the obvious that it's fun and sexy! Nikita and Tatiana talk about what the customers get out of their experience (in addition to a stiff... drink). Torah talks about some of the people she meets, and how fun it is to dance for couples. Michelle and Nina talk about the workout that the 19-foot pole offers (that's 2 stories tall!) and how dancing helps them pay for college, their lives, and be independant. More super sexy photos of the event by Kevin Sam Photography. 
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Purr with Me at the Second Base Party

You can join Sexploration with Monika at the "Second Base Party," a sexy party where instead of sex, you can go all the way to second base - which, for those of us who missed this in high school, 2nd base is above the waist. The theme is "Purr With Me" so there's plenty of heavy petting, purring, kitty cat ears and swishy tails. We speak with co-founders Jocelyn and Fuzzy Philippe of Club Exotica about how to create a party like this where everyone feels sexy, safe, frisky, and free. How can you create your own community like this? You can learn how to speak the language of the kitty cat to a potential lover, to help them communicate to you what they want and get permission for what you want. The unspoken communication of the kitty cat increases the vocabulary of your language of love by moving it out of the language of words to the language of touch, which is more subtle. Purr with Me is a party where you learn the behavior of sex parties, how to say yes. And how to say yes to what you want! What about the rules for playing? Could they make the game more interesting? 

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Clean water can help heal the divide for the gay/religious communities?

What four letter benefit you receive by raising money and awareness for local AIDS organizations? How giving back backfires (in a good way). How you can spend less than a bathroom remodel, give an entire village the tools to build their own clean water infrastructure (and market those skills to surrounding villages), AND help heal the spiritual divide between the LGBT/Queer communities and religious organizations? Gay Night at the Wax Museum was a charity benefit for the Rainbow World Fund and the Richmond Ermit AIDS Foundation. We discuss the gay communities' aid projects for clean drinking water, health care, and HIV/AIDS outreach, plus, the humanitarian and spiritual implications of the gay communities' efforts to do good in areas traditionally relegated to religious orginizations. Jeff Cotter of the Rainbow World Fund shares how it can be healing for both the gay community and the religious organizations to collaborate on life-saving projects. Joe of the Richmond Ermit AIDS Foundation tells me what he got out of 18 years of raising money and awareness for local AIDS charities. Donna Sachet of "Sunday's a Drag" and the the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are glaming and glitzing up the wax museum too. Photo of Sister Pat 'N Leather and Sister Eve Volution in front of the wax Nazis by Joseph Driste of Smug Mug Photography.

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Cum and Glitter, Science of Orgasm, and Sex-Worker Feminism

You can join me at the live sex show "Cum and Glitter" at a secret location in San Francisco. We'll listen to's Courtney Trouble giggle about how she has an orgasm through her hand! We'll also discuss mirror neurons, hairy girls, and how porn can make us treat each other better. How are the ebbs and flows of sexual energy and musical composition connected? Cellist Unwoman has a surprise. Whore Magazine's Ginger and the front row gets "baptized" (it's not what you think - or maybe it is:) and Kitty Stryker gets down with her babysitter, Bianca Stone, with some green saran wrap, pink hello kitty duct-tape, and "momma's toy." Guess what happens to the chocolate cupcakes piled high with swirls of pink frosting, and IS that glitter all over the stage? Ned Mayhem talks about the PSI-gasm project and how YOU can help. Maxine Holloway and Bianca Stone cap off the night, with body-image-conscious forced feminism and sparkly burlesque burka strip tease. Plus Ava Solanas and her cop fantasies, wow. What a night.

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Porn, Glitter, Consent, and Countering Sex-Negativity

Cum and Glitter star Ava Solanas will tell us about the future of live sex performance, the commingling of theatre, pornography, and performance art. Cum and Glitter is a live sex show by and for sex workers as part of an on-going empowerment-driven peer support project. Also a facilitator of sexy consent, negotiation, abuse survivorship, and self-defense workshops, Ava will tell us about how art, BDSM, sex work, and sex education intersect. Ava is a hairy porn star and we’ll discuss self-love, body-positivity, masturbation, and how she's made porn from her own point of view. We’ll get an update on current academic research the SF alternative porn scene, sex-positive culture, and the use of public platforms to counter sex-negativity from Ruchamah Van Der Horn of the Vrije University of Amsterdam. The reasons people work in porn and what they get out of it (besides money) might surprise you. Plus all the amazing sex-positive stuff coming up in San Francisco: the 8-Course Gourmet Dinner, the 2nd Base Party, the Fundraiser for Hollie Stevens the “Queen of Clown Porn,” and Gay Night at the Wax Museum at Fisherman’s Wharf on March 10th a benefit for the Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation and Rainbow World Fund. Thanks to our Token Straight Guy, Malcolm Grissolm from the Verve Show, for taking this photo of Monika in the studio before the show.

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