Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
The Technology of Orgasm and Sex Doctors at the Antique Vibe Museum

Do you know that doctors used to call the female orgasm "hysterical paroxysm?" Join us at the grand opening of the Antique Vibrator Museum. We'll discuss why learning about the history of vibrators is a women's liberation issue that is getting even more relevant right NOW - with Emiko Omori & Wendy Slick, the filmmakers of Passion and Power: The Technology of Orgasm. Their documentary is an investigation into the Victorian mystery that "oh women don't like pleasure and don't have orgasm" but somehow these vibrating massagers have "amazing healing properties!!" Vibrators were a kind of snake oil that Victorian doctors used to medicalize pleasure and sell our orgasms back to us to as treatment for "hysteria."We'll also speak with two highly progressive doctors of human sexuality, Dr. Carol Queen of the Center for Sex and Culture and Dr. Charlie Glickman about the importance and history of pleasure and sex. Not only will you be surprised that a few men were also treated for hysteria, but how they "treated" it!

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Lesbian trapped in a man's body, importance of queer porn, and public bathroom peril

Our docent is Dr. Carol Queen and yes she is wearing red fishnet stockings because THIS is the Grand Opening of the Antique Vibrator Museum! We speak with two fabulous and very different transgender sex-positive stars; transgender comedianne Morgan of "Girl Junk" and queer porn star Jiz Lee. Morgan is embarking on her "Girl Junk" tour and documentary - and she needs your help! Even if you only donate $5 to her documentary, you'll be supporting transgender voices and sending a message that it is important that you are allowed to be yourself! You'll also get to see the finished film for free. There's only a few more days in her campaign to raise money for the "Girl Junk" documentary, don't put it off. Morgan and I talk about being a lesbian trapped in a man's body, being very "manly" externally - an iron worker with secretly shaved legs and toenail polish, a life-threatening galvanizing moment that changed her life, and authenticity as essential - even when it's hard. Queer porn star Jiz Lee and I will talk about the difference between mainstreem porn and queer porn and why it's important, making sexy art for good causes, and the perils of public bathrooms for transgender people. More sex-intellectual interviews still to come from the Antique Vibrator Museum, Dr. Carol Queen, the filmakers of "Passion & Power: the Technology of Orgasm," and Dr. Charlie Glickman.

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Sex-worker's Union, decriminalization, and the Hooker's Ball (from the Antique Vibe Museum)

With Dr. Carol Queen as our darling docent of the vibe, you can join us at the grand opening of the Antique Vibrator Museum at the Good Vibrations Store on Polk street here in San Francisco. In this "tease" episode, we speak with Maxine Doogan founder of the Erotic Services Provider's Union about sex-worker rights, decriminalization, stigma and how under criminalization festers violence against sex-workers, even by police. We also discuss the surprising things that are illegal (even if you're not a prostitute) and the important services that erotic service providers offer that are a benefit to society. The Hooker's Ball is the upcoming benefit for the Erotic Service Provider's Union, Saturday April 14th, at . We'll have more subversive, sex-intellectual, surprising interviews from the Antique Vibrator Museum: Dr. Carol Queen, queer porn star Jizz Lee, the filmakers of "Passion & Power: the Technology of Orgasm," Dr. Charlie Glickman, and transgender comedianne Morgan of "Girl Junk." You can subscribe to Sexploration with Monika on iTunes to have new episodes delivered automatically!

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Theatre of the RiDICKulous: Hot Greeks screwing w/ gender since 1972

The history of the college movie musical, ancient greece, and the psychedelic drag queen troupe the Cockettes smash together for a grinding rolicking and glittering evening of musical theatre in the Thrillpeddlers production of Hot Greeks at San Francisco's Hypnodrome. There is no shortage of innuendo at Athens U, as Lysistrata and her sorority sisters engage in a singing and dancing battle of the sexes where gender is just another part of the magic. We speak with Thrillpeddlers' Russell Blackwood, original Cockette & composer Scrumbly Koldewyn, and cross-dressing cast member Joshua Devore. The singing, dancing Hot, Hot Greeks and their turgid talent will thrill you in the most sex-positive way - with extra sparkle. The Hot Greeks was originally done in 1972 by the underground gender-bending sensation "The Cockettes" at the Palace Theatre in SF's North Beach, as part of the "Nocturnal Dream Show." Their dancing, set designs, show-tunes and costumes, are said to be "LSD-influenced," and other show titles include Tinsel Tarts In A Hot Coma, Journey to the Center of Uranus, and Pearls Over Shanghai (Pearls over Shanghai was also recently reproduced by the Thrillpeddlers). Listen to an original member of the Cockettes talk about what inspired the show and the new production of Hot Greeks.

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Spring Break & Date Rape: causes and myths

Spring Break is a time where alcohol and crossed sexual expectations collide, a tragic recipe for date rape. You will be shocked when you hear how many young men don't even realize that they've committed date rape, and just call it "drunk sex." Author and youth advocate Shelley Stoehr has gathered stories from many victims and near-victims of date rape and hopes that her book "Somebody's Daughter" will inspire parents and young people to have frank conversations about dating, parties, sex, drinking, and how to trust your intuition. We discuss the myths about sex and gender that perpetuate the sexual minefield and rape culture. One in five young women in college are raped, and only 1% of men who are raped report it. In fact, do we even know how many men, like rapper Lil' Wayne have lost their virginity in a situation where they maybe they don't call it rape, and try to joke about it, but they didn't really want to and were forced into it? What makes media personalities like Jimmy Kimmel minimize and joke about non-consensual sex with an 11-year old? (watch the video) What horrible lessons about sexuality and trusting the opposite sex or future romantic partners does this leave with victims? How can we prevent rape before it happens? April is National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month, find out more about prevention, activism, and how to heal at

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Ecstasy is Necessary, Brain- and Full-Body Orgasms
You can join me for conversations about open relationships, very edgy fantasy play, the cutting edge of sex-ed, and brain-gasms at a sex-positive book signing at Good Vibrations, San Francisco's friendliest sex toy store. Barbara Carrellas is celebrating the release of her new book "Ecstasy is Necessary" and several other local sexperts are there to share thier recent exploits as well. We speak with Marcia Baczynski about her 6-month class for couples experimenting with different styles of trying non-monogamy. Ever felt jealous? You'll be surprised to learn that jealousy is less an emotion and more a veneer for many other feelings! Professional dominatrix and sex educator Eve Minax tells us how to navigate another minefield, acting out a consensual rape fantasy. How to do it so that you're sure that everyone feels good at the end? Fleur De Lis, San Francisco's sluttiest blogger, aka Vanessa Pinto tells us of her adventures aboard the Queen Mary with Nina Hartley and the places where sex educators go to bask in the glow of Joycelyn Elders. Finally we catch up with Barbara Carrellas who tells us about why ECSTASY (not just pleasure) is necessary, how to have an orgasm just by breathing even in an MRI tube (even if you're claustrophobic), and how tantra is for everyone, even house-wives in Iowa, even you... even when you are just washing the dishes or taking out the trash.
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