Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
Occupy Your Body, Ending Jealousy, & other <3 revolutions

How much of your time are you "in" your body, and how often are you in your head? You've heard of "Occupy Wall Street," but what about Occupy Your Body? In our virtual, abstract, and mentally productive lives, it’s easy to live mostly experiencing life as your mind, rather than experiencing from your body. We more often think about what our bodies look like than what they feel like, experiencing our bodies as a separate object from ourselves!!!  In addition to diminishing sensation and pleasure, our separation from our bodies affects our self-image, our sexuality, our relationships, our sense of aliveness, and can eventually harm health and well-being. Steve Bearman, founder of the Interchange Counseling Institute, also tells us about how being present in the moment can help us connect with other people and transform our relationships, revolutionizing jealousy, arguments, and break-ups. We'll talk about his classes "Healing Body Shame," "Ending Jealousy Permanently," "How to LOSE an Argument," and "The Power of Goodbye." How can you Occupy Your Body more deeply and frequently and how will that ignite your sexuality? What does your body truly find *pleasurable!?*

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Marquis de Sade: Revolution & Theatre of the Insane

Not only were sadism and sadistic sadists named after him, the Marquis de Sade was a writer!  In addition to the 90-feet of fiction he wrote on toilet paper in prison... the Marquis de Sade wrote theatre in his insane asylum w/ his fellow inmates playing the parts! Now at the Brava Theatre in San Francisco, Marat/Sade plays the fury, passion, and philosophy of the Marquis de Sade off of doomed dictator of the French revolution Jean-Paul Marat. Marat's fate awaits: counter-revolutionary Charlotte Corday will stab him in his bathtub 13 July, 1793.  However, the Marquis and Marat are both so tortured, and Charlotte was headed for the guillotine even before the stabbing... who will "win" the revolution? You'll hear Marat talk about the bankers, politicians, war-mongers, and stockbrokers that betray the people - does it remind you of any bubble bursting? Today's 99% and the occupy wall street movement are bringing up the same issues today! We'll interview cast members Bonni Suval and Tom Orr, and the producer of Marat/Sade, Marc Huestis. You can get tickets at, shows are Wednesday through Sunday until July 29th. It's hard to say who really wins a revolution... unless we're talking about the pleasurevolution where everyone wins! We'll talk more about desire, consent, and social justice on the next episode on Sexploration with Monika - where we pretend to be only talking about sex - but actually we're cheerleaders for the pleasurevolution! Don't miss an episode by subscribing on iTunes, archived episodes, free downloads, and photos at

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Desire & Getting the Kinks Out with Mistress Minax

What do you really want? If someone gave you the opportunity to really ask for your erotic or experiential desires, what would you ask for? What kind of touch, healing, sensation or stimulation? Of course, even though you paid a small fee for your ticket, you only get 20 minutes, but what's on the menu may surprise you with it's complexity, breadth, and depth. The artists are real erotic service providers and your wishes will be taken completely seriously.  The "This is What I Want Festival" at the Center for Sex and Culture is an experiential performance art piece conceptualizing the economy of desire. We'll discuss desire, desires, and more with professional dominatrix and sex educator Eve Minax, who was one of the artists at the event. We'll find out what she offered, and what audience members experienced. We'll also discuss how trauma can affect your sex life, and how to heal. You'll learn what Trauma Release Exercises from Dr. David Berceli have to do with your thrusting and flight-or-flight muscle. Eve and I are in the dungeonette, and we also discuss the 3-day Dominance Intensive for which she is currently packing her paddles, whips, and shiny boots. Her other classes, like "You're Going to Need an Enema for That" are nearly literally a three-ring circus of surprises! Photo by Stephen Dorian Minor. We'll also learn how she "gets the kinks out" of her ever-so-willing "patients" in medical play scene. Is there a connection between the spiritual side of sexuality and BDSM, what's tantra got to do with kinky sex? Can you can teach someone how to kiss?

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