Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
How to Drive a Vulva & Shutting Down Legitimized Rape Culture

How can you take all the increased awareness of rape and the critical need to become a culture of consent generated by Republican Todd Akin's quote, "If it's legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down" and use the momentum to create healthier relationships and better sex? Akin's statement is not only false and offensively dangerous, but Akin's brand of political idiocy affects all women and the whole culture. Sex-educators Reid Mihalko of, and Allison Moon of Lesbian and I are literally in bed talking about the commitment to consent and "How to be a Gentlemen and Get Laid," this is actually a class Reid teaches! If rape and the fear of rape makes women shut down their sexuality, how can we create safety and freedom? We'll also learn about how to drive a vulva, the unexplored and genderless joy of taints, and whether a balloon orgy pops with a glory hole. We'll take a Sexploration with Monika listener question about when one partner wants to explore something freaky and the other one is a big NO - which is hard, because even after you try to find out about WHY your partner is shut down, you both have to accept the other as is, because from celibate to freaky-deaky every person has a right to their sexuality - but how to make the unmatched sex drives work together? Sexual freedom isn't "easy!" Photo of Reid & Allison by Shilo McCabe of the Sex Positive Photo Project. Also, you can join Alison Moon and I at Fleur de Lis SF's Sexy Circus Friday, September 21st at supperclub. So sexy you can't buy tickets at the door!! 

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Sex at Burning Man, DIY Goddess Temples, & Brothels Serving Women

This is your relationship on Burning Man: You've barely slept or eaten in 6 days and dehydrated not just because this is the desert but also the water in your camelback tastes like warm plastic dust. You were distracted by a glimpse of your old boss on a bike wearing nothing but a backpack and sneakers, so a luminescent green dragon just drove away with your sweetie and 17 gorgeous half-naked strangers. Do you have a "just in case we get lost" plan with your partner? What if the temple is going to burn in 10 minutes and one of you isn't ready? You're probably not going to "just find each other" out there and there are no cell phones or street signs. It's 50,000 people in the pitch black night. Nothing goes as planned on the playa especially sex and relationships. Burning Man isn't "one giant orgy," but there are a few(!) - plus workshops on female ejaculation, bondage, polyamory, "hands on" sex classes, and even the "Great Canadian Beaver-Eating Contest" in which everything is consensual and no beavers are harmed. Join Sexploration with Monika in the moonlight at Fugue, a camp-out in Northern California as we talk with Epiphany Jordan about sex at Burning Man, building a temple to the goddess in Texas (The Blue Star Temple), the benefits of tantra, what a brothel for women might look like, and how to build sexual energy into your real estate.

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Multiple Orgasms for Men and Full-Body Energy Orgasm

Did you know that men can have multiple orgasms? Dr. James Rolwing, chiropractor and author of “Multiple Orgasms for Men Made Simple” says that not only can any man have multiple, full-body energetic orgasms but that the idea that your sexual energy has to diminish with age is total bunk. With non-ejaculative energy orgasms, you can experience not only greater control and relaxation during sex, but also your relationship to pleasure and arousal builds and deepens with practice. You don't have to hold it, think about baseball, disconnect from how good it feels, just desperately hoping that you don't ejaculate, because you can have a different kind of orgasm entirely. We'll discuss energetic full-body orgasms, what they feel like, how to have them, and why the vast majority of us have no clue about them. We'll also discuss how the power of sexuality, and the power of multiple orgasms has been used to consolidate power for a minority of people throughout history. Also, we'll discuss why even if you're having a non-ejaculative orgasm, you're still at risk for pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, so you should still use a condom. And it might even help. But, once you have mastered multiple full-body non-ejaculative orgasms, can you still ejaculate if you feel like it? Let's find out.

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The Complex Economies of Art, Sex, & Desire

If you could have anything, what would you choose? If you had 20 minutes with a sex worker what would you want? If you had 15 minutes on stage what would you say? If you had 20 minutes with a healer what would you want? If a starving artist isn't making money, what do they get out of making art? What does a sex-worker get out of sex-work besides money? What skills are in a sex-workers' body of knowledge? What work does a sex-worker share with the world? What are the economies of art, sexuality, and desire? In addition to money and capitalism, what are some of the other economies that we use? Especially in marginalized communities, sex-workers, activists, healers, artists... there are community networks of barter, trade, trust and collaboration. How can asking for what we want change the world? We'll discus the "This is What I Want" Festival with Tessa Wills, artistic director and activist for sex-worker advocacy. We'll discuss performance art, and the intersections of the starving artist and the underground economy of erotic service providers. 

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