Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
Deepen Your Relationship With Sex, Magic with Real-World Benefits!

Dr. Janelle Alex and Rob Alex have found that adding intention, awareness, and a belief in sacredness to their sex life has brought them not only increased intimacy and pleasure, they've experienced real-world benefits as well, opportunities and promotions that come to them like magic after they connect on the physical plane. What can you create with the powerful energy of sexuality? Healing, manifestation, or even if you just want to have fun and add a spark of adventure to your relationship, has an intimate adventure or twelve for you. Rob and Janelle will describe several Sexy Challenges that they've tried, tested and laid out for you, and they'll tell the incredible story of what real magic sex brings to their lives. Not only is sex fun, but it can transcend what most people think is even possible. Dr. Janelle Alex will also tell us about, where she help women connect with their sacred selves so that they can fuel the rest of their lives with love and vitality. Rob & Janelle not only help couples spice up their love life, they also work on compassionate communication with The Couple's Spot. They'll tell us the most simple way to diffuse an argument, that most of us habitually destroy. Do you want a more fun, successful, and special relationship? While we've discussed sacred sex ideas like tantra, orgasmic meditation, and even sacred BDSM before, this is a particularly magical and mind-blowing episode of Sexploration with Monika. You won't believe what sex, intention, and awareness can do, perhaps you should experiment with it yourself!

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Festive Feminists, Queers, & Goddess-Worshippers

We all have to survive the holiday season whether or not we get awarded a halo. Who sings xmas carols for the outcasts? Crackpot Crones Terry Baum and Carolyn Myers, who have done holiday sketch theater and improv for a combined 108 years. They celebrate feminism, political protest, social justice, and being different with laughter while claiming "crazy" and "crone," because surviving the perpetual witch hunt of patriarchy is nothing to hide. We'll sing along with the 12 Days of Family Insults, and certainly Moishe the Green-Nosed Herring will soon be your kids' favorite. Has anyone ever tried to get you to pretend or look different than you really are for a holiday dinner? "Bubbie and her Butch" tells the story of a lesbian couple, a Hanukkah party, and a ridiculously jangly pair of earrings. You will not believe the story the Virgin Mary (or should I say Version Mary) tells to her beloved acolyte in Russia or 1962, where Mary (and all religion) may be outlawed, but abortion is legal. Pussy Riot's "Punk Prayer" to oust Putin gets Mary's compassionate ear too. When you're in the old folks home would you plan your escape to protest unmanned warfare drones in Pakistan? "Crones for the Holidays" manages to be fun, funny, and a laser-pointer of social justice activism and actually teach you something about the "end" of the Mayan Calendar too.  

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Your Daily 3-Minute Orgasm & Clit Like a Soccer Ball

How could you be so turned on and sensitive that your clitoris felt like a soccer ball? What are the effects of having a 3-minute orgasm every day? Hint: it's not losing sleep, you only have to wake 5 min earlier. How could menopause be PLEASURABLE? How can masturbation help you experience more pleasure with a partner? How can you get more experiences of sensuality simply by shifting your awareness? How can you fit a commitment to pleasure in your busy day? How would a daily commitment to pleasure expand your sense of relaxation? I'm on the 3-Day Sensuality Retreat with the sensual researchers of the Welcomed Consensus. We'll explore deliberate orgasm or "doing," a practice of focusing on the pleasurable sensations of the clit being stroked. Yvonne Wray of will tell us how she transformed her experience of menopause from fear to fun by letting go and being presence in the moment. Daisy Meyer uses the power of friendship and masturbation to transform communication in a relationship in a pleasure-oriented way. Cedric will tell us how the clitoris can feel like a soccer ball in sensation, and use awareness to feel every stitch on the head or glans of the clitoris with his fingertip. Then co-founder Francoise Devresse will tell us about the Observation of Intense Coming and invite you to try a daily 3-minute orgasm (as a founder of the Welcomed Consensus she's had an orgasm every day for 18 years) and tell us how anyone can create more pleasure in their life, in their body.

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Bondage, Clowns, Gods, Piercing, & Sex-Positive Parenting

You can join us now in the leather-scented midst of the Sexploration with Monika bondage dinner at supperclub. We'll speak with educator of adventurous sexuality Midori about her history with performance art, Italian Clowns, donuts with an especially messy surprise, and the Japanese art of flower arranging plus bondage. Then Midori will introduce us to blogger and sex-positive parent Lidia Anain who'll open our eyes about parenting strategies that consider consent and autonomy. How do you parent without "making" your kid do stuff, and how does that relate to creating consent culture? Burlesque dancer Dorian Faust describes pagan god Baphomet, who represents the duality of male and female... and why this deity often ended up looking like Satan. Then erotic piercing performer Lady Samar will tell us why she likes hanging from hooks in her flesh... even on TV in Norway. Thanks to the lovely Julia O Test for the photos from the bondage dinner! 

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