Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
Burlesque Self-Esteem Scholarships (All Kinds of Sexy II)

You can join me on-location now at the glittering "All Kinds of Sexy" burlesque scholarship benefit for victims of rape, domestic violence, and eating disorders from Bombshell Betty. Have you ever been to a dance show where all the dancers looked exactly the same? This isn't that show. There's all kinds of different going on tonight, not just body type, but also I've never seen this Sesame Street character strip before! So many surprises. Also, could learning sultry dance moves (and how to take off your clothes in a sexy way) be part of a process of empowerment and connection with the body and sexual power? Can learning to dance the strip tease be healing? What's it like learning to bare it all (to a group of supportive women) not just physically but "baring it all" in other ways too? We'll talk to scholarship beneficiary Candy Pie, and enjoy burlesque-style teases and sparkle from dance instructor Bombshell Betty, Valhalla Voom, Poundcake Dee Light, Rosey Booticelli, and mmmore at the Elbow Room's "All Kinds of Sexy." Thanks to Alex Akamine for this photo of Cleo Torres.

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 Lesbian Love Story from 1890, A Lady and a Woman

What would it have been like for a lady to fall in love with another woman in 1890? Meet Miss Flora Devine, an African-American lady who owns an inn in a small Southern black township in 1890. She does not realize she could be same-sex attracted until she falls in love with Biddy Higgins, an itinerant butcher. We'll speak with actresses Dawn L. Troupe & Velina Brown, Director John Fisher, and playwright Shirlene Holmes. "A Lady and a Woman" is a production of Theater Rhinoceros, the oldest LGBTQ theatre company in the world, started in 1977 in San Francisco. A long time before it was "ok" to be a lesbian or queer, "A Lady and a Woman" explores the interlocking themes of spirituality and sexuality telling the story of two women who find in each other the courage to begin a new life. We'll discuss other works by Shirlene Holmes including "Daughters" about identity and trans-cultural adoption, and "Strong Arms" about a shelter for battered men, exploring themes of masculinity, power, and ending abuse & domestic violence. This show runs through March 24th, 2013 at the Eureka Theater. 

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