Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika  BioField Energy Healing, Sexual Energy, & Deep Consent with Mike Sententia, founder of What does energy healing mean for the modern understanding of physics? Then join us on a glittery romp through the outback with "Priscilla Queen of the Desert; the Musical!" by Theatre Rhinoceros (the 1st queer theatre in the known universe) with producer Joseph Tally , and political mime troupe star Rotimi Agbabiaka from “Seeing Red: A Time-Traveling Musical” in Dolores Park July 4th on why the color red (and socialism) might be becoming more fashionable these days. With Token Straight Guy Russ, the Rock n Roll Nurse. Filmed & recorded live at the FCC Free Radio Studios June 29. 2018 in downtown San Francisco, California. Subscribe to Sexploration with Monika now on YouTube! 

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