Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika

Tea w/ dominatrix, slave, male dom, & submissive & switch  You can hear a quickie of the first-ever episode of Sexploration with Monika which debuted in 2007 on Erotic Radio Live. This is an edited 10 min demo version of "The BDSM Tea Party" for the article "Professionally Homeless for Sex Talk." Sexploration with Monika explores how women and men get what they want in the context of sex and relationships, with a heavy emphasis on exploring new ideas, consent, negotiation, safe sex, kink, connection, communication, and play. Sexploration with Monika show topics range from sex-robots, Japanese bondage and other fetishes, metamorphasexuals, polyamory, and tips on having the perfect menage-et-trois. You can enjoy how "golly gee whiz" I am when they clue me about pegging, obviously this was before I was a Certified Sexual Health Educator! LoL Thanks to David Fratto of Media Posse for donating valuable production time for the first few shows in his lovely studios on Haight Street in SF. It was not uneventful (but it was a learning experience), & I'm sure his neighbors have forgotten all the strange noises by now!

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Playing w/ my Yoga Play & broccolini (and photoshop)  Do YOU think it's OK to wear yoga pants when you are NOT doing yoga? Do you think it's OK to judge people for what they look like in yoga pants? What if they are wearing yoga pants after yoga? While doing a play about yoga? You might think "Yoga Play" is a play about yoga, that's only 1% correct. It's actually about ALL the social justice issues of our time -- and it's funny! Join me at the SF Playhouse for an interview with star & co-producer Susi Damilano and then... is it crudite, is it cruciferous, is it compost? What *IS* that in your veg drawer? It's Broccolini Rhapsody! There's no time sooner than now to eat your veg ;)

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