Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika

Monika, Paul Brumbaugh & Lucia PavoneHas anyone ever said you were "too much?" Too intense, too sensitive, too anything? Join the club! Join Lucia Pavone & I on comedian Paul Brumbaugh's uncensored "The Edge of Insanity." We'll discuss controversial pleasure points that even some Dr's aren't 100% sure exist... all the while laughing, exploring, and inviting you to learn more about feeling good. You'll learn how big the clitoris really is, some other names for the G-Spot, how the energy of your sexuality can ignite success even as a businesswoman (keeping all of your clothes ON) and how you can instantly find more pleasure!

*EXPLICIT LANGUAGE* "The Edge of Insanity" is an uncensored comedy show on Mutiny Radio in SF's Mission District.  

Join Sexploration with Monika and Lucia Pavone June 8th & 9th at Too Much Woman San Francisco with Gina Hatzis of #TooMuchWoman & "Finding Your Spiritual G-Spot", Andrea Barrica, co-founder of "Female & Funded", Michelle Meow, radio host & LGBTQ-history buff at The Commonwealth Club, and sex-positive singer Gina RenĂ© aka "The Urban Space Goddess!" June 8th & 9th Too 2019

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