Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika

The Cockettes 50th Anniversary Show! We celebrate 50 glittery, gender-bending years of The Cockettes,  an avant-garde theatre & dance troupe from San Francisco's psychedelic Summer of Love. The Cockettes introduced their mind-bendingly joy to so many iconic names that shaped pop culture; Filmaker John Waters, Actress Divine, The Rocky Horrow Picture Show, Heklina, & the spin-off theatre group, The Thrill-Peddlers. Let’s explore the scene, the inspiration, the shadow, and take a deep dive into a part of the glamtastic history of San Franfreakshow with “Goldie” star Birdie Bob Watt and Dan Karkoska aka DJ Dank producer of Cockettes Are Golden: A 50th Anniversary Celebration with Comedian Paul Brumbaugh.

Birdie Bob Watt graces the Mutiny FM theatre with “Cruising” a Cockettes original song! We’ll also hear “Hot Greeks,” “69 is Fine,” “No Nose Nanook”from Pearls Over Shanghai , “ Blood on Your Face” from Vice Palace, “Endless Masturbation Blues” & “Oriental Nights.” Tinsel Tarts in A Hot Coma is another Cockettes show previously on Sexploration with Monika. 

Comedian Patrick Carlin, George Carlin’s little brother, joins us peppering the conversation on his salty left-coast perspective on how to incite a chow hall riot, the value of a good cry, & the importance of finding your very own misfits.

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