Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika

Sexy Tantric Ganja Yoga with Dee Dussault  Sex Coach, Tantrika, Yogi, & Author Dee Dussault has some moves to get you into your hips, pelvic floor -- and some extra special tools to help you tune into your body, relax, and connect with yourself and a partner this Valentine's day. The pandemic has been hard for couples and singles alike, but she's got some feel-good technigues to help you melt into the infinite present moment away from all your work-from-home and COVID19 worries. Cannabis is optional in Dee's Ganja Yoga classes, but it can be a useful tool to help disconnect from chronic stress into expanded relaxation and positive body consciousness. Similar to restorative yoga, these classes are *very* chill. <3  Her book Ganja Yoga is an international bestseller in multiple languages! 

Dee Dussault also created 3 special SIP-friendly online classes for you for the pre-Valentine's Day "Sexy Flex" on Saturday. Feb. 13th 6:30-8 Pacific. Look forward to treating yourself in celebration of Valentine's Day with an all-levels yoga class designed to awaken pelvic and heart energy for divine pleasure and radical self-love! On Sunday, Valentine's Day it's Partner Ganja Yoga and Tantra including yoga for love and sensuality, Thai massage for relaxation and care, and communication practices for greater intimacy and closeness. Discount links at & YouTube.

Dee's 12-hour self-love intro to Tantra Go F*ck Yourself <3 is $50 off for listeners until the end of 2021 with the code SEXPLORATION - Monika is thrlled to further explore trance states, orgasmic mastery, and edging, and quite curius what an@l breathing could be!! 

You can subscribe to Sexploration with Monika on YouTube and see all her sexy guests, the sex-educational hand motions, and Monika's knowing smile! Some episodes are 18+ but the information is so scandalously esoteric, you better watch everything before she gets shadowanned for being too openly sexy. When did #SexPositive get equated with porn and sex traffiking? FOSTA-SESTA and it's already silencing the teachers and #ConsentCulture heros all over the United States. 

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