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- Drag Queen Joan Jett Blakk (Terreance Smith) campaigns for Mayor and President of the United States.

- Pioneered efforts in human and women's rights.
- Rocky Horror Picture Show'esque campaign chants
- Activism-inspired play starring Tarell Alvin McCraney at Steppenwolf's award-winning theater production.
Recorded at Edge Studios online in San Francisco
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Sexploration with Monika, guest Neo-Tantric Sex Educator Amara Karuna, with Token Straight Guy: Dylan who is a professional nurse at Kaiser. We talk about pleasure, orgasm , female ejaculation & cervical orgasm. Many People Don't Know About The Diffrent Kinds Of Orgasms & In Addtion To The Clitoral Orgasm You Can Have An Ejaculitive Or Gushing G-Spot Orgam & Even A Cervical Orgasm! The Taoists Call The Cervical Orgasm The Shower Of Stars. We Learn About How The Unconscious Patterns  We May Have Picked Up In Childhood Like Not Breathing, Being Quiet & Not Moving Can Interfere Not Only With Your Sexual Pleasure But Even With The Small Joys That We Experience Every Day, Like Eating, Listening To Music Or Watching A Sunset. How We Can Be More Present In Each Moment & How To Find The Pleasure Of Being, Even When It Is A Small Daily Task. We Talk About Different Reward Chemicals Like Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin & Other Neurotransmitters & Endorphins. 

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Did you know that it was illegal to even dance in the Middle East? Perhaps you have heard that people in the Middle East are not allowed to wear Western clothing but did you know it was illegal for them to dance? You'll find a discussion of the joys & challenges of middle eastern feminisists. There are #dancelifefreedom #womenlifefreedom and because it is illegal for anyone to dance or celebrate life we will have to do it for them on our social media platforms like Instagram, Twitch, etc., so feel free to upload a video of yourself and your family dancing for the women and men and children in the Middle East who cannot! Shiva J has enjoyed the freedom of moving to the United States and is now an artist celebrating sensuality, beauty, and erotic play for couples and others. You can learn more at her website: Home - Art by Shiva

shiiiiva (@shiva.jafarzadeh) • Instagram photos and videos


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You can learn more about the first lady of the world Elenor Roosevelt and her intimate stolen moments on the campaign trail and in the White House. Playright Terry Baum introduces us to Lorena Hickock, the highest paid female journalist of her day, who coresponded with Elenor in hundreds of secret love letters. Find out where you can explore the romance and love that lasted for many years.

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Sexploration With Monika invites San Francisco Mime Troupe's Marie Cartier to Edge Studios in downtown San Francisco. Token Straight Guy Paul Brumbaugh joins in on the fun. Recorded Live 7-21-2023

These mimes will not stay silent in Dolores Park and lots of Bay area Parks, even as far away as Cotati! San Francisco native Marie Cartier is also a social worker and brings her unique voice to social justice issues like homelessness and depression that we all have faced, especially during the pandemic. She tells her story about writing Hobos in Space, a radio play produced online when we couldn't go outside. You can see Marie and many of her castmates as the summer goes by in Berkeley, Glen Park, and in lots of other areas, and on Labor Day, they will be back at Dolores Park!

Mimes speak for social justice in San Francisco's Dolores Park and many other Bay Area parks, and you can find out more with Sexploration with Monika's interview with Marie Cartier!


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Are you feeling the chill of winter? As the rains give way to the flowers of May and/or March let's enjoy the present moment and hear what Scrumbly Koldewyn, DJ Dan Karkoska, and the rest of the Cockettes have in store for you! It may just raise your freak flag! Sex educator and musical theater geek Monika Thomas and Paul Brumbaugh from the Edge of Insanity enjoy a live performance where Scrumbly Koldewyn searches for the perfect banana for you and me and everybody else.

"As the chilly winter gives way to spring, there is a feeling in the air, a need for rebirth and everything it takes to get there–fauna blooming, bunnies and chickies being born and giant phallic objects rising into the air needing to be worshiped. The legendary Cockettes give the Rites of Spring their own unique twist as original Cockette Scrumbly Koldewyn brings you Res-Erection, a colorful musical revue featuring new songs and classic Cockettes numbers inspired by the changing season, bunnies, love and lust. Prepare for a night of Cockettes musical mayhem featuring Aaren Smith, Birdie Bob Watt, Bonni Suval, Carl Linkhart, Christian Heppinstall, Kitten on the Keys, Matt Bratko, Noah Haydon, Steven Satyricon, Jordan “Sunshine” Bontrager and more. Cockettes Res-Erection will be such an amazing Spring Awakening, it may even raise the dead!"

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Susan Bratton on Sexploration with Monika Author Susan Bratton experienced watching her sex life fizzle while she and her husband pursued careers. After hitting a crisis point, the couple made a fierce commitment to do whatever it took to keep the family together and revive the passion in their marriage.

We may have spent the last 9 months cooped up with our partner (or alone) and be worried there's nothing new left to explore in our orgasm, but Susan has 15 male and female orgasms for anyone male-bodied, female-bodied or somewhere in between. You can find the #UpwardPleasureSpiral​ in your relationship, and your relationship with yourself. If you're longing for new sizzle in your explorations, Susan is chock-full of well-researched techniques and ideas like the "Me Breath" technique she mentions for ejaculatory choice, erection control, or her g-spot guide, G-Spot Joy! You and your partner can even stretch out orgasm in a way that transcending time and space!  

Susan Bratton has authored over 30 books and online programs including Relationship Magic, The Passion Patch, and 30 Romance Tricks like Thrust in Time, as well as her International best-seller, Sexual Soulmates: The 6 Essentials for Connected Sex. There are certainly multiple new pathways to peak pleasure for YOU to explore in 2021.

Sexploration with Monika host Monika Thomas, was a radio personality in Alaska who quit her morning show to travel the world and start a talk show about sex. Not only is sex talk more interesting than weather and traffic, but sexual openness is transformative: less shame, more sex education! Monika has learned so much as host of Sexploration (like women can ejaculate and men can have multiple orgasms)!

Monika is a certified sexual health educator who teaught rape and domestic violence prevention classes, and her spiritual beliefs include, “Sex is proof that God loves us and wants us to have fun!”

As host of “Sexploration with Monika,” Monika interviews sexperts on how we can get more of what we want exploring clinical sexology and neuroscience, BDSM and tantra. Recurring themes include trance & brainwave states, presence, safer sex, connection, communication, and play. Ask questions, check out sexy photos and blog articles, find events, and download archived episodes at​​.

Monika is also a Global Real Estate Advisor based in the SF Bay Area at

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Monika, Brandon, Paul, Francesca + Janet  Janet W. Hardy, author of the Ethical Slut and Radical Ecstasy; S/M Journeys to Transcendence, joins Sacred Courtesan & Tantric BDSM Priestess Francesca Gentille with sex educator Monika and Comedian Paul Brumbaugh for further exploration of funlightenment, meditating on the sensations of erotic exchange. How do you make hooking up at a kinky play party safe & healing? Even if that does not sound like your scene, how would knowing how to make edge play safe improve your sex life?

Francesca & Janet take us on a deep dive into the mind states that can be achieved through conscious BDSM play. We discuss how the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza (quantum field healing), and Dr. Peter Levine (trauma & somatic experiences). In retrospect, this mind state beyond time/space and a sense of self reminds Monika of a TED Talk about neurologist Dr Jill Bolte Taylor who had a stroke and as parts of her brain shut down, she describes an experience of a right-brain *only* mind state beyond time/space and "self" or ego. 

This Sexploration with Monika episode is warming us up for "Confession: A 5-Course Sensual Feast - Beauty, Bondage & Transcendence" in a gorgeous stone cathedral in SF's North Beach November 23rd. Let's Make sex sacred again, because sex is proof that God loves us and wants us to have fun!

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Take a bite of Erotic Fine Artist Nancy Peach

Erotic Fine Artist Nancy Peach flowered from church lady to San Francisco's bold and daring sex-positive oil painter who paints dominatrixes and porn stars bigger than life, with gold leaf, fishnets and flowers. We'll discuss how Nancy flowered from church lady to Erotic Fine Artist under Femina Potens & bondage porn star Madison Young. We also talk about how going from architectural artist to erotic fine artist affected her traditional marriage and two children. You can catch Sexploration with Monika LIVE on Facebook too! You can go to Nancy's gallery opening in Santa Cruz at Pure Pleasure First Fridays tomorrow February 3rd 2017 & March 3rd 2017 and all the sexy oil paintings in between. 

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Kinky Salon Confessions

You've listened to her discuss founding the ​S​an F​ransexuals' sparkliest sex party, Kinky Salon... she's known as Polly Glamourous, Polly Superstar, latex designer & purveyor Polly Pandemonium... and author of the memoir "Polly Sex Culture Revolutionary!" Now, Polly Whittaker has her very own podcast! It's called "Kinky Salon Confessions" and I was on it talking about polyamory, relationship anarchy, being a sex-positive prude, and making sex culture revolutionaries and organizations more grounded through real estate. Enjoy!

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Supperclub Bondage Dinner (August part 2)

These interviews were recorded at the Supperclub Bondage dinner, an evening of exquisite dining, cutting-edge art performance, and use-all-5-senses sensationalism. Dynamic suspension rope bondage with Tom Foolery & Jessi K, slam poet Jamie DeWolf, sex-party organizer Bix Warden, Miss Tickle, and S/m writer Rick Umbaugh. Plus a very provocative scene with dominatrix Alice (of and Gumby, the gimp she 'made from scratch!' After the scene, I have meaningful and intense interviews with both Alice and Gumby to investigate what they get out of their sexual power exchange, and the connection between submission and unbridled sexuality. Photos of the bondage dinner: August Dinner or  Best of Bondage Dinner   Join us for an extra-epic night in December 3rd with live suspension bondage, festively fetishtastic holiday mischief, and 4 courses of outrageous beauty!

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Supperclub Bondage Dinner (August part 1)

These interviews were recorded live  at the Supperclub Bondage dinner, an evening of exquisite dining, cutting-edge art performance, and use-all-5-senses sensationalism. Dynamic suspension rope bondage with Tom Foolery & Jessi K, slam poet Jamie DeWolf, Mission Control sex-party organizer Bix Warden, Miss Tickle, and S/m writer Rick Umbaugh. 

 Can you picture a six-foot tall man wearing only  head-to toe full-body black latex trying desperately to neatly sip his soup with a funnel gag? This is called predicament play! Would you be shocked the performance or scene where a woman in a sparkle blue ballgown leads her bound bimp around by a septum-pearcing and invites the audience to play "mary had a little lam with electruc shocks to his testicles?" He bellowed lice a bull, vut dous he live it?  Introducing Dominatrix  or Domina Alice (of and Gumby, the gimp she 'made from scratch!' After the scene, I have meaningful and intense interviews with both Alice and Gumby to investigate what they get out of their sexual power exchange, and the connection between submission and unbridled sexuality. If Gumby doesn't like pain. why does he consent to his?

Photos of the bondage dinner: August Dinner or  Best of Bondage Dinner  

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Female Ejaculation, Tantra, & a journey from sexual assault to sexual freedom

Did you learn in sex ed that women can ejaculate? Do you know how to give your lover feedback when something isn't working for you without hurting their feelings? How do we get from feeling wounded sexually to sexual freedom? We'll discuss Female Liquid Orgasms with Squirtxspert Tallulah Sulis, Sacred Love Tantra with Evalena Rose, and interview the author of "Soul Laundering," where a rape & murder drives an epic journey of sexual awakening, healing, and finding one's own power. If you dare to listen to this show, you'll learn more about connecting to the present moment through sexual connection, and how to give well-received suggestions when your lover needs to do that just a little bit more to the left (or lighter, or softer, or harder, or faster, or slower, or deeper, or with more lube, or whatever). Plus, you'll learn more about female ejaculation, or G-Spot Orgasms with the juicy Ms. Tallulah Sulis. Author Ishtar Raizine bares her soul talking about her novel "Soul Laundering," we'll talk about sexual healing and get a glimpse of the not-too-distant future of human sexuality where everybody wins and has big juicy consensual multiple orgasms with the gods and goddesses that are YOU. Awoman and Amen! This is one juicy, sacred, sexy hour of Sexploration with Monika.

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Inches for Charity a cockumentary, and Erotic Breath Play w/ Dr. Kemi

Inches for Charity, a "cockumentary" about penis size, intends to raise money for an orphanage in South Africa for children with AIDS. We spoke with director Nicholas Sher about "the penis rack" - the only proven method for permanent penis enlargement, and Dr. Kemi Ando just happens to be in the studio to tell us if in fact stretching your penis is really safe. Token Straight Guy Jim Stone gets double-bonus points for trying on the penis rack. (makers of holy objects for your pleasure parts) has donated the craziest and most beautiful silicone wang I have ever seen, and yes it is holy. Meanwhile, Dr. Kemi Ando, who did her dissertation on erotic breath play, is chock-full of helpful information, as then she tells us some harm-reduction tips on how (if you are going to play with breath control or choke your partner) not end up brain-damaged. We also have a very interesting conversation about breath play and sitting-on-your-face and nitrous oxide, aka whippits or "hippy crack." Jim gets even more gold stars when he surprises us about what he did while wearing the extender. What a guy!!! Dr. Kemi and I are impressed and giggling at the same time. Somehow we manage to get back on track with Dr. Kemi's events like "Cum for a Cause" and the Society of Janus "Munch." 

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Kinky Salon: of boobies and cupcakes (part 2)

Kinky Salon is San Francisco's most colorful sex-party. Are boobies and mini-cupcakes a recipe for fun or is that just the sugar talking? Sexploration with Monika host Monika Thomas continues her journey into Kinky Salon, a sex party in San Francisco--and there's lots of frosting. Monika infiltrates the secret backroom bedroom of Kinky Salon founders Professor Violet and Polly Glamourous, where people - get this - people are ACTUALLY sleeping. It is shocking. We discuss how playing Dungeons & Dragons leads to throwing sex parties for a living, boobies (again), and "the Beauty Engine" a pet social engineering project. Polly and I talk about the importance of creating an environment where people feel safe to experiment. Professor Violet even channels "Monsieur LeFrite," a deranged French Fry who defenestrates swingers who linger too long in "the pink room" (yes, it *is* decorated to be reminiscent of the interior of a vagina), but that's not until well, well after midnight.

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Kinky Salon: the Sweetheart's Ball (part 1)

Join Sexploration with Monika at San Francisco's friendliest and most faaabulous sex party. Join us on the dancefloor and in the jungle room for a frank and honest discussion of feminism, boobies, female ejaculation, group sex, freedom of expression, gay-pride paintball warfare, sex-positivity, dirty poetry, gender identity, running away to the sex-club that is family and circus, and...

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