Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika

Susan Bratton on Sexploration with Monika Author Susan Bratton experienced watching her sex life fizzle while she and her husband pursued careers. After hitting a crisis point, the couple made a fierce commitment to do whatever it took to keep the family together and revive the passion in their marriage.

We may have spent the last 9 months cooped up with our partner (or alone) and be worried there's nothing new left to explore in our orgasm, but Susan has 15 male and female orgasms for anyone male-bodied, female-bodied or somewhere in between. You can find the #UpwardPleasureSpiral​ in your relationship, and your relationship with yourself. If you're longing for new sizzle in your explorations, Susan is chock-full of well-researched techniques and ideas like the "Me Breath" technique she mentions for ejaculatory choice, erection control, or her g-spot guide, G-Spot Joy! You and your partner can even stretch out orgasm in a way that transcending time and space!  

Susan Bratton has authored over 30 books and online programs including Relationship Magic, The Passion Patch, and 30 Romance Tricks like Thrust in Time, as well as her International best-seller, Sexual Soulmates: The 6 Essentials for Connected Sex. There are certainly multiple new pathways to peak pleasure for YOU to explore in 2021.

Sexploration with Monika host Monika Thomas, was a radio personality in Alaska who quit her morning show to travel the world and start a talk show about sex. Not only is sex talk more interesting than weather and traffic, but sexual openness is transformative: less shame, more sex education! Monika has learned so much as host of Sexploration (like women can ejaculate and men can have multiple orgasms)!

Monika is a certified sexual health educator who teaught rape and domestic violence prevention classes, and her spiritual beliefs include, “Sex is proof that God loves us and wants us to have fun!”

As host of “Sexploration with Monika,” Monika interviews sexperts on how we can get more of what we want exploring clinical sexology and neuroscience, BDSM and tantra. Recurring themes include trance & brainwave states, presence, safer sex, connection, communication, and play. Ask questions, check out sexy photos and blog articles, find events, and download archived episodes at​​.

Monika is also a Global Real Estate Advisor based in the SF Bay Area at

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Susan Bratton, Monika Thomas and Rain DeGrey A bevy of sex-educators and Comedian Paul Brumbaugh from the Edge of Insanity discuss how to turn your sex life up to an 11 right now and forever. Sex Educator Susan Pizzazz Bratton brings her arsenal of cutting edge technological treatments plus Taoist practices for stamina, health, and pleasure. Monika's star performer Rain DeGrey is also a renowned sex educator having lectured at Harvard and we'll explore how for her extreme sex is like transcendental meditation. From testosterone and tweaking hormones to the latest advances in sexual vitality (stem cells, prp shots, and GAINSwave vaginal rejuvenation, oh my!)

Also Monika is creating a dinner party in a restored stone cathedral from 1907 in San Francisco’s North Beach. Under high vaulted stone ceilings and beautiful stained glass windows, you can enjoy a 5-course feast of desire, beauty & passion with dance & art performances that will delight your palette and make your night sizzle. Cocktails & hors d'oeuvres, figure drawing and between dinner courses dancers, sex-positive singers will feed the part of your soul hungry for fun. Don't forget Rain DeGrey's exhibition of live bondage and Lust Design's latex fashion show to bring just a taste of kink to an elegant evening. Learn more about Confession; 5-Course Sensual Feast - Beauty, Bondage & Transcendence 11.23.19 at 

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Galjour & Bratton with Super Blood Moon!  You'll learn techniques for erotic breast massage and a cunning linguist's favorite “sweet spot” pillow position for the “pillow queen” in your life. Plus, explore the hilarious side of sex-positive feminism with playwright Anne Galjour of #GetGandhi: A Radical Feminist Comedy! We'll hear where the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pantsuits is going. Susan Bratton of Revive Her Drive and the new book "The Soulmate Embrace" will be teaching us some tricks that even after 10 years of being a certified sexual health educator, these are NEW. Plus the breast massage technique sounds AMAZING! Also healthy, all that blood flow and sexy energy moving around, plus lymphatic massage, increased circulation -- have I mentioned pleasure is actually *good* for your body? Plus, we sing "My Vagina is 8 Miles Wide" and you can too. Let's talk about how to integrate healthy pleasure into our fast-food culture, starting with what feels GOOD. This episode was resurrected after the back-end was cut off & re-uploaded with live broadcast of the Super Wolf Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse from Monika's backyard. Red moon photo by Donovan Worrell, thanks!   

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Add sizzle back into your relationship, and then really turn it up!

You're in a relationship: at first you are having MIND-BLOWING SEX all the time, but after a while you're having "efficient sex" & then eventually, maybe no sex at all! Why does that always happen in long-term relationships? :( Do you want have long-lasting love plus all the sizzling sex? Tim & Susan Bratton have been there, together for almost 20 years... after about 5 years they were like friends – co-habitating, raising their daughter – but they’d lost the sexual intimacy. He wanted to leave her because he was essentially in a sexless marriage. She wanted him to leave him because he was checked out of the relationship. Tim and Susan knew they couldn’t do any better than each other as far as spouses. All they could do was divorce and trade each other in for a “fresh model.” But they wanted their cake (love) and getting it all over their faces too so they worked really hard to figure out how  to get their sexy back... with sizzle to spare! Since this was such a common issue for couples, Susan created "Revive Her Drive" to share her secrets with husbands everywhere. Special "carried away" bonus for smartphone listeners from “Hot sex: Over 200 things you can try tonight.” Then, "Dr" Diego of Love Toy Rentals rev's it up past 11 with pleasure technology that women are saying is a bigger thrill than the hitachi magic wand. Professional dominatrix and sex educator Eve Minax said that her orgasm was so strong that not only did her little dog start howling with her but her head nearly exploded, no really. With Token Straight Guy comedian Paul Brumbaugh from FCC Free Radio's "The Edge of Insanity!" What does the sybian really feel like? Inquiring minds...

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