Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
Kinky Salon's Merry Sexy Whobillation Party

You can explore with us the festivest sex party in San Francisco, Kinky Salon's Whobillation! Join us for a real "porn shoot" in the "Clounge," the lounge by the clowns of Klown Klub. Actually "the porn shoot" isn't what you think, but I didn't get the joke for awhile either, LOL. Join us for Scott and Polly's ridiculously festive cabaret, where Scotty the Blue Bunny rides a big red balloon and revelers shove the innuendo of candy-cane licking in our (and their) faces with a pepperminty contest. Bix of Velvet tells us how to start an all-girl sex party, and Sarah from Club Kiss spills how to tell your parents you're running a sex party. You'll hear some surprising things about the possibility of having an orgasm without even being touched, psycholagny, MRI's and brain activity. Plus we'll discuss how abstinence-only sex education work the opposite of the way parents are hoping. Plus during the holidays from hannukah to Christmas, it can be hard to take care of yourself, so Marcia Baczynski gives us a script for making boundaries, and saying no while saying yes to what we do want. Other sex-positive Mission Control luminaries like Tex, Lex, Illy, Bo from Gooferman, and Rose Pistola describe the kinds of intentional families and futures we're creating by playing, connecting, and loving and celebrating xmas, xxxmas, or whatever sparkles your snowflake in non-traditional sex-positive spaces like Kinky Salon.

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Sex Worker Advocacy, Activism w/ Lilly Ally + Maxine Holloway

Do you think there's something wrong with a woman literally owning her own sexuality? Does she have the right to choose on what terms she shares sex, even if that means she asks something in exchange? We've talked about the economics of sex and monogamy and how that affects everyone, but how would it affect you if prostitution were legalized? Instead of the "degrading" words for women and men who exchange erotic services for money, we use the word "sex-worker." Most people think one of the worst insults you can call a woman is "whore," but by marginalizing sex workers we allow them to be even more vulnerable to abuse, even from police. There are many different kinds of sex workers; male, female, and transgender, who work in porn, erotic dancing, escorting, dominating (BDSM), massage, tantra, and phone sex. Advocates and activists like Lilly Ally and Maxine Holloway seek to support sex-workers, decriminalize and destigmatize their work. Lilly Ally works with "erotic trailblazers" to power up their business models and seeks to honor the literal and figurative body of knowledge that erotic practitioners bring to our culture. Maxine Holloway is a webcam girl at, a curator of events at Femina Potens, and started a support-group and live action burlesque-at-the-next-level for and by sex-workers show, called "Cum and Glitter." We'll talk about the importance of consent, being able to own and manage performances (from body hair to scripts), and self-sustainability - not just financially, but on all seven(!) levels.

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Sexual economics: monogamy, scarcity, and abundance!

You may not think of sex as an economy, but think about how fear and optimism can affect the market. Now, think about how we are supposed to think about sex and relationships in our culture. The economy, the market, and stock prices can go up or down just because people are afraid of scarcity, afraid of lost jobs, or conversely feeling optimistic about the future and believing that something will make a lot of money. In sexuality, we're supposed to be monogamous, there's the idea of "the one," and supposedly the worst thing in the world is to be alone. Everyone is afraid of being alone, and if you want love and intimacy, multiple partner relationships are considered "dirty" or "cheating" by many people. Have you ever experienced a sense of scarcity in your sex life? Could you see sexuality as a kind of economy, and what would it take for you to feel "rich" and optimistic about love? How does no-other-option-for-love monogamy function in our sexual economy? We'll discuss the economics of sex and relationships with sexY-party expert Polly Whittaker of Kinky Salon. How is scarcity enforced in our sexualities, for instance: shame, fear of loneliness, and the commodification of "hotness." Find out how to become more free, have more authenticity and how to create abundance (in your pants)!!

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Whore! beauty, power, and subverting dominant culture

Why should you celebrate female sexual power even if you are not female? What do YOU get out of sex-worker activism? How is your life better if being a "whore" isn't bad? Sexploration with Monika is on location at Whore Speaks! celebrating the 2nd issue of Whore! Magazine produced by Ginger Murray with performances celebrating creativity, female power and sexuality. We interview Dottie Lux of Red Hots Burlesque about beauty and subverting the dominant culture paradigm, and why she is wrapping her curves in packing tape. She'll tell you how she gets people's attention to get them to think about something important. Why is Red Hots Burlesque so intellectual? Because the sexiest part of your body is your brain. Ginger, of Whore! Magazine, tells us why she has a penis glued to her girdle and we talk about gender, celebrating not fitting in, and authenticity. Learn why she called her magazine "Whore!" and how she promotes sexual power for all genders, smashing the barrier between sexy and smart. Photo of Dottie Lux c 2011 by Amber Gregory Photography. You can subscribe to Sexploration with Monika!

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The Erotic 8-Course Gourmet Dinner

The intersection of cuisine and sensuality is pleasure, and "Our Gourmet Life" wants to be a literally saucy playground. The 8-course erotic dinner was created by Chris, Beth, and Kal in private homes around SF to entice you into their world of open eroticism and delicious play. How do they create a safe space for their servers to be topless among strangers? How can you make a menu erotic? A surprising leafy aphrodisiac? How can we encourage the opening up of both female and male sexuality? In the podcast, we'll talk about how they combine open sexuality and epicurean bliss, and take 16 - 20 guests on a lascivious, delicious adventure. If YOU are craving an evening where desire is celebrated, request an invitation via e-mail at sexplorationwithmonika(at) The 8-course erotic dinner is a gourmet French-inspired meal, made each time from scratch and fresh organic ingredients. The dinner is every other Saturday at 7:00pm and it often sells out. Sexploration with Monika has infiltrated the private location (in a fully consensual way without compromising any identities), chatting with Midori, and Ken, the orgasmically meditating sioux chef. Send me a message, I dare you... this evening has the kind of promise you whisper. Sexual freedom isn't "easy"... but there's no virtue in being difficult! Let's talk about it: subscribe to Sexploration with Monika podcasts on iTunes, or download free episodes anytime at 

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