Sexploration with Monika
Sexploration with Monika
Pleasure is Good For You (Healthy, Healing, Empowering)

You might want to stop calling it masturbation because the word masturbation literally means "to disturb with the hand." Devi Ward calls it "the art of self pleasure." What's wrong with touching your own pleasure parts? Absolutely nothing, as long as it's private or consensual, and it's good for you. In fact, not only does pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, have a number of physiological benefits, but it can heal emotional trauma as well! In her book, "Shake Your Soul-Song!: A Woman's Guide To Self-Empowerment Through The Art Of Self-Pleasure" Devi Ward describes how taking time for pleasure every day can transform your life. Also, the amount of time you take is important too, this is not about "getting it over with." She'll describe the difference between climax and orgasm, and why it's essential to more pleasure. Also, we'll talk about the importance of relaxation and the parasympathetic nervous system in health and well-being. (Thanks to Fields of Heather for this photo of Devi.) What about those "guilty pleasures" like ice cream? Is there a way to transform the experience to make it both more pleasurable and not "guilty?" There's a simple key here, and if you want to guess it starts with an "A."Learn how pleasure can be a path to healing and empowerment on this episode of Sexploration with Monika.

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Sensual Interactive Couple's Massage (My Blissed Out Valentine)

Do you want to bliss out with your Valentine? This is a very unique couple's massage that's so very, very sensual (but not sexual) and luxurious, intimate, & deeply relaxing. Massage therapists Brian and Seleece have created a unique massage experience for couples in their bamboo-garden Oakland loft. The experience starts with aquatic massage like Watsu in the huge 98-degree pool in their living room. Then, you two go upstairs into their plush candle-lit loft for a massage where you relax and are literally massaged into each other's arms! Mmmm, the oxytocin. Listen for the Blissed-out Valentine haiku contest! Deadline Feb 16th, 2013. Best haiku wins a 90-minute aquatic & couple's massage in Oakland, California.

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The Kinky Salon Memoir and Tango

Polly Superstar, who co-founded Kinky Salon, is writing her memoirs. Over the last 10-years of throwing San Franfreakshow's most creative sex party she describes her new project KoTango with bestseller "Sex At Dawn" author Christopher Ryan. KoTango is a cross between a social network, sex-positive news platform, and open-relationship dating or meet-up site. Polly and I discuss how if humans were "naturally promiscuous" in prehistoric times, where does that leave us now after 10,000 years of culturally-imposed monogamy? We discuss polyamory, open marriages, and even just admitting that you're attracted to others in a monogamous relationship and creating a safe container for mutual exploration and expression. Also, she tells us about a tantric awakening that she had while trying to manage the Kinky Salon sex party. Thanks to Kinky Salon photographer for this photo! Plus, the big Valentine's Day Kinky Salon is coming up, the Sweetheart's Ball at their Misson Control headquarters Saturday, February 16th. Mission Control has a unique sex party for every flavor of sexual expression in San Francisco: tantra, all women, polyamorous, queer or gay (mostly) men, pair-bonded couples, swingers, and unicorns (oh my), and a sex party for all of that at the same time. Imagine. 

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